Patrol Division

Welcome to the Dartmouth Police Department’s official web site. The Uniform Patrol Division is the backbone of the police department. Our patrol division is responsible to provide law enforcement services throughout the 63 square miles of Dartmouth. Dartmouth is the third largest town in Massachusetts in terms of area and our officers are charged with the safety and security of every person who lives, visits, or travels within our borders.

This is an exciting time for the Dartmouth Police Department’s Uniform Patrol Division. We recently became re-accredited by the Police Accreditation Commission of Massachusetts. Our goal continues to be to make Dartmouth the safest town in Massachusetts. To accomplish this, the Dartmouth Police Department develops, cultivates, and enters into long-term partnerships with the citizens and businesses of the Town of Dartmouth.

Once these partnerships have been created the Dartmouth Police Department is committed to listening to the citizens we serve. We encourage them to tell us how they want their neighborhoods policed. A mutual objective is to not only reduce crime, but also more importantly reduce the fear of crime.

The Uniform Patrol Division accomplished these two goals by deploying uniformed officers into the community twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

These police officers are highly motivated and well trained. They serve this community in a robust invigorated fashion and are always willing to stop and listen to you, the community they have sworn to serve.

The Uniform Patrol Division is the largest division of the Dartmouth Police Department. They are the first on the scene to all emergencies and criminal acts that take place within the Town of Dartmouth. Our patrol officers respond to literally tens of thousands of calls for service per year. These calls can range from medical emergencies and cows in the road to armed robberies and searching for terrorists suspects during the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings.

The Dartmouth Police Uniform Patrol Division is the home of some of the bravest, most honorable people in law enforcement and are here to serve you.

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