Motorcycle Division

The primary duties of the motorcycle unit is to provide the most efficient and
effective response to the community’s needs with the establishment, operation and
deployment of a police motorcycle unit. Motorcycle officers respond to calls for service and enforce parking and traffic violations. The motorcycle unit also provides a highly visible crime deterrent, increase response capabilities, and participate in departmental as well as community events.
The responsibilities of a motorcycle officer may include, but not be limited to:

  • Enforcement of parking and traffic law regulations.
  • Routine patrol.
  • Selective enforcement in areas where citizen complaints have been received regarding violations of traffic laws.
  • Traffic direction and control at accident or fire scenes or for crowd control
  • Special assignments, e.g. parades, funerals, escorts, or any other event approved by the Chief of Police
  • Response as a first responder to complaints that require an immediate response, especially during times of heavy traffic congestion where the motorcycle’s mobility is far greater than a marked police cruiser.

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