The Investigative Services Division performs a variety of services within the Police Department. The divisions’ Detectives are responsible for conducting investigations that require resources that are not readily available to the patrol officers. Some examples of these types of cases would be narcotics investigations, breaking and entering’s, stolen property, identity fraud, financial crimes, and crimes where children or the elderly have been victimized.

Another important function that this division performs is the collection and preservation of all evidence. This includes fingerprinting, photographing, and collection of evidence at a crime scene. Also, all evidence that is collected by any officer is turned over to the Detective in charge of evidence, and it is his responsibility to ensure that it is preserved and stored until the case is closed.

The Dartmouth Police Department’s Narcotics Task Force accomplishes these tasks by coordinated narcotics enforcement efforts amongst various law enforcement agencies within Bristol County. The drug task force, through the combined efforts of local, state and federal agencies, will actively pursue those groups or individuals who manufacture, distribute or sell illegal drugs within Bristol County.

Help the Dartmouth Police Department’s Narcotics Task Force address the problem of drug abuse in our community. If you suspect someone of participating in illegal narcotics activity, please contact the Dartmouth Police Department’s Narcotics Task Force at (508) 910-1775. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can always call our Crime Tip Line at (508) 997-9900. All information will remain confidential and callers may remain anonymous if they wish. In order to assure that your information will be utilized in the most expedient and efficient manner possible, please be as specific as possible when providing information. In particular, investigators would like to know the suspect’s name, address, alias name, physical description, known associates, vehicle information, including make, model, color, and registration, describe the type of activity that is occurring, and what makes you think that this person is involved in criminal activity. Also, please indicate if you would like an investigator to contact you. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

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